We are looking for a Storyboard artist for our new project.

Role & responsibilities of a storyboard artist:
1.Liaising with writers, animators, and directors regarding the look, style, and level of detail required for the storyboard of each production

2. Reading and interpreting scripts

3. Breaking down the script with the director to identify key scenes and plan them visually

4. Sequencing the scenes from a script into storyboard format using panels of images

5.Including special effects in the storyboard frames

6. Identifying lighting requirements and articulating circles of tension within each scene

7.Including key dialogue or scene directions within each frame

8.Briefing animators on key scenes within the storyboard

9. Amending storyboard scenes during the course of production

1Skill Requirements:

  1. Ability to collaborate effectively with concept artists, writers, directors, clients, etc to visualize the story
  2. Knowledge of various styles and genres
  3. Understanding of the principles of animation
  4. Knowledge of the principles of storytelling, ie: the hero’s Journey
  5. Ability to interpret the ideas of others into detailed drawings
  6. Strong layout and design skills
  7. Adaptability in working with different directors who will demand varying degrees of complexity from storyboards
  8. Skills in both hand drawing and computer drawing
  9. Solid knowledge of camera angles and cinematography techniques

Even if you have atleast 3 skill sets mentioned above, will be enough.

◻️Software Literacy:

  1. Adobe Photoshop (required)
  2. Toon boom storyboard pro
  3. Adobe After Effects (Plus Point)
  4. Blender (Plus Point)
    Similar software to above will be an advantage.

🔴 Including portfolio is an essential requirement.

send your portfolio: studio101movies@gmail.com
For more info: 0702300101

Company :- Studio101

Posted date :- 2024 feb 20

Deadline :- not mentioned . better apply withing 14 days of job posting

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