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Customer Support Specialist (Patient Support) – Health Care or RCM Industry

Location: Sri Lanka

General Inquiries:

• Inbound calls from patients about Payments and Inquiries on the statement.• Inbound calls for soft collections.• Educating the patient regarding their EOB (via Waystar) and explaining why there’s a Patient Responsibility. • Returning voicemails to patients.• Handling customer complaints about the statement.Payment Portal Assistance:• Patients want to know how to make a payment via the HRC Kollect portal. • The link is not working (Can’t process the payment through the link).• Site Unavailable (website is not responding).• Patient requests for another payment link to be sent to their Email.

General Inquiries:• Update patient’s demographics and insurance information.• Follow up with the AR associate. • Escalates concerns to the client- specific AR specialist. • Request for Itemized Bill The patient requested to re- process the claim to the insurance.Bill Dispute• Patient was billed but EOB shows it was Covered and Paid in full by Health Insurance• Patient was billed but Doctor on Demand App shows Zero Cost ($ 0.00)• Patient made a payment already but not posted in HRC Kollect Tool • Patient was billed but the service was not rendered.Request for Refund:• The bill was paid twice.Customer Care Representative – Healthcare Sector •

Inbound Customer Support: Handle incoming calls from healthcare clients, addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and providing information in a professional and empathetic manner. • Healthcare Sector Expertise: Leverage your knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry to understand client concerns, navigate complex inquiries, and provide accurate information regarding our products and services. • Adherence to US/Canadian Work Hours: Commit to working within US/Canadian time zones to ensure seamless communication and support for our clientele. • Documentation: Maintain detailed and accurate records of customer interactions, feedback, and issue resolution within our system. • Team Collaboration: Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure effective communication and swift resolution of customer issues.

Requirements: • Previous Experience: Minimum of 2 years of experience as a Customer Care Representative in a non-scripted inbound voice role, with a focus on the healthcare sector. • Communication Skills: Exceptional verbal communication skills with the ability to engage and empathize with customers effectively. • Flexibility: Willingness to work within US/Canadian work hours, adapting to varying shifts if necessary.

How to Apply:

musthaq@kernernorlad.com or join@kernernorlad.com

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