Dear TLs and ATLs (Angular,.NET)

,We are on the lookout for great TLs and ATLs who are experts in Angular and/or .NET to ramp up couple of teams within Corzent.

Here’s what you can expect from this opportunity.-

Work within a highly skilled global team- Solve challenging problems in FinTech space

– Unmatched software product engineering experience in Sri Lanka

– Competitive salary paid in USDs

– Full leave quota from day 1 (no probationary leave restrictions)

– Comprehensive medical benefit from day 1- Hybrid work modelCulturally,

– You can experience the true work-life balance

– You’ll have friendly helpful people around

– Employee’s are the #1 priority at Corzent

. We believe in Sir Richard Branson’s philosophy of ‘Treating employees well’.- Our communications are transparent:

You can ask a question and expect a direct answer. No beating around the bush or sugar coating.-

You can make a change at Corzent.

We are enabling full leave quota from day one because one of our people wanted it changed!

If you feel we can be awesome together, please reach out to me directly, send your CV to

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