Three part-time job opportunities are available: –

Lead Trainer / Teacher

– Student Manager

– Teaching Assistant.

Key Duties

– Train our students

– Conduct in-class activities and games

– Present lecture slides to students

– Monitor performance and progress of each student

– Communicate with students via social media.


– Fluent spoken English skills – Confident and dynamic.


– You will be trained before starting

– Part-time and full-time jobs available –

Salaries start at LKR 1,500 per half day or LKR 3,000 per full day

.About us-

We are a small team of 7- Students are aged from 16 to 28 years

– Both physical and online classes

– Batch size will be 15 to 30 student

– Located in the Colombo district

– Daily sessions will be 3 to 4 hours –

Average of 3 days per week


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