🌟 Ready to Dive into Adventure as a Reservations and Marketing Officer? 🌟

Become a Reservations and Marketing Officer at Ceylon Extreme Adventures – where every day is an adventure! 🚀
As our Reservations and Marketing Officer, you’ll dive headfirst into a world of excitement and opportunities. Your mission? It’s simple, but exhilarating:

🌄 Respond promptly to reservation requests and inquiries via various communication platforms – hotline, email, and social media.
📞 Ensure the reservations hotline is always open, and maintain reservation records with precision.
💌 Keep a close eye on correspondence, following up diligently.
🗓️ Manage availability and keep guests informed about our wide array of packages and services.
💼 Handle payments smoothly and send out booking confirmations.
🚀 Be the go-to expert for resolving any booking-related issues.
🤝 Collaborate with travel agents, stakeholders, and vendors to promote our services.
📣 Help execute marketing strategies that will take our brand to new heights.
📈 Assist our Marketing Manager in planning advertising and promotional campaigns across various media.
✍️ Contribute your creativity to crafting compelling content for marketing materials and rate cards.
🎉 Get involved in organizing and attending marketing activities and events to spread the word about our brand.
If you’re a passionate adventurer with skills in reservations and marketing, we want you on our team! 🌄🌟
Ready to manage bookings, ignite the adventurer within potential customers, and create unforgettable memories? 🌟

Join us on this thrilling journey! Apply now and be part of the CEA family.

Send your CV :- damian@extremeadventure.lk

Source :- extreme adventure.lk

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