Well it depends on your work culture.

Mostly you will be assigned to wok 9-6 , 8-5 , or shift basis. for that certain time period you work there you will get a fixed salary. but if the work is exceeding if you have to work overtime / OT you have the right to demand extra pay for that. but however most of the companies do and joining agreement that executive level has to work overtime if necessary. but if you are below executive level grade make you you get paid for extra work.

Some offer you single OT , double OT and Triple OT depending on the day.

  1. Single OT :- For normal days exceeding working hours.
  2. Double OT :- For Weekend.
  3. Triple OT :- For special holiday.

Make sure you keep a track record of your timing also since anytime there can be technical errors. Some companies who runs 24/7 take serious about OT and some companies do cost cutting through OT. lol.

Before doing OT understand if its an urgent since you are sacrificing your personal time for the company. if your management is looking a hard worker when promotions comes up act wisely.

If you are doing Overtime make sure your transportation is arranged. You get dinner meal since once you finish the job outside world might be sleeping. inform your loved ones about the situation also. if you may need to get support from professional inform them in advance. arrange all the tools and equipment since you may not be able to purchase from outside.

Always seek for a professional advice .

Last updated : – 2024.04.19

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