Try the following:

1) Look into HR internships and entry level roles. You have to start somewhere. You can’t have the mindset of “that’s too little pay or beneath me.” So many people want to jump right into specialist/ managerial/ director roles without doing the time. Better start from the bottom to know As& Bs of the system.

2) Consider investing in various HR certifications. (SHRM-CP) (PHR) . no need of degree but for more growth and experience you can follow up professional qualifications.

3) NETWORK. Join professional groups, SHRM chapters, connect with professionals in the field.

4) Highlight those transferable skills. You were a teacher? Awesome. Lean into that when applying for a “Corporate Trainer” or a “Training Specialist” role.

And just as a reminder, on the surface, HR is a very attractive field, but it’s not for the WEAK. You’re not only exposed to people, but what’s in their hearts. The good, bad, and extremely ugly. It can get trying, nuanced, and very difficult. You have to possess a certain level of strength, while maintaining a high level of emotional intelligence, ethics/integrity, diplomacy, and tact.

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