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Eyepax is on the lookout for an ambitious and talented

Associate Technical Lead / Technical Lead – NodeJS/React

Qualification and Experience:-

Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Software Engineering, or Information Technology with minimum 8 years of relevant industry experience.

5+ years of proven experience using JavaScript, Typescript and NodeJs.

5+ years proven experience designing and implementing scalable web applications end to end in an enterprise environment.

Proven experience in enterprise application integration including APIs, Web Services (SOAP/RESTful/GraphQL/ETL Pipelines)

Experienced in implementations using databases, preferably with in DynamoDB, Mongo DB and relational databases.

Experienced in setting up DevOps, CI/CD pipelines, logging and monitoring tools (AWS CloudFormation, AWS CDK, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodePipelne)

Experienced in building and deploying cloud platforms using AWS (EC2, ECS, Lambda, Step Functions)

Strong understanding of front-end technologies – React or other frameworks such as Angular or Vue JS

Strong understanding of web security and best practices (OWASP TOP 10 etc.)

High attention to detail and quality standards

Expertise managing multiple projects and tasks.

Skills and Personal Characteristics:-

Own and be responsible for development of features and components in Sonder’s software products.

Mentor and guide other developers to ensure robust software design and code quality.

Validate and advise on the technical feasibility of product designs and requirements.

Design and implement backend system and software architectures to meet current and future application needs.

Proactively identify and implement improvements to system design and performance.

Champion development best practices including code reviews, developer testing, documentation.

Develop new UI features and components based on wireframes and mockups Refactor code to use modern frameworks including ReactJS and Redux.

Collaborating with the Scrum Team to ensure features are delivered on time and on schedule.

If this role excites you and sounds like a great fit, please apply now! (careers@eyepax.com)

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