You may have heard this word find your passion. do your passion as the career . you will never get bored. but is it really true ?

the general definition of passion is called what you like to do . there is a famous quote says “

“one in the world will be good at one thing .

But is it true. Have you seen people showing multiple skills with surprising others . eg :- there will be a talented doctor then he can be dictionary of football knowing A-Z .

what actually we believe in finding your passion is ; a thought experiment we suggest , suppose you don’t have financial issues. you get food shelter into hands without any issue. you wont have unnecessary issues / stress in your head. then think what you would like to do whole day ; then my friend if it doesn’t heart others physically , verbally offensive that is your passion.

Should we turn passion into a job ?

this is a grey area. sometime you may be in love and passionate with playing musical instrument 24/7 , 365 days you may get bored. In the meantime others listen to relief stress from music you will stress with music. Then you may need to find a other way to relief . Some choose travelling, drinking, cycling. Choose wisely how you wanna rest . But some will choose and master their passion then will get opened into other field collaborations where they will balance both sides. Most professors , lectures in universities do engage in those kind of collaborations.

How to identify same passionate people ?

After you figure out your passion your head will be full of details and methods new ideas. But if you don’t express you will get stressed with no clue where to go. Then that’s where you need some partners to share , improve and experience the passion. Find your circles don’t directly tell your passion. When there are random conversions try to input your passionate ideas . Check weather they are interested if not change the subject . Go for other circles.

Don’t force others into your passion. You will loose friends and interest in your field too. Go to forums , chats , Join groups show your inputs in others queries. Add topics you think about your passion ,engage with comments. Like minded person will find you, sometimes they may need your consultation.

Jurassic park you may have seen one school child is crazy about lava and eruption but others think its weird. But when the world is in danger his help came into action.

Lat updated :- 2024.04.07

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