This is basically a interview that company offers you after you hand over the resignation. Not every company held this kind of interview. But many progressive and growth based companies tend to held these interview for employees who are resigning.

This is actually good move to understand what his actual motive to leave the company, what went wrong in he company that can be done to improve. more over this can lead to a little gossip session to understand some employee secrets.

Possibly this interview will give you the strength to spill , what not said. Don’t be stressed this is just they want to make sure what went wrong and get feed back for documenting purpose. But make sure you don’t screw it because still you are left with time in the company and need to get service letters and process has to be cleared.

This is not compulsory but some companies make a small document about getting feedback instead of an interview.

Last updated :- 2024.04.07

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