Well not particularly.

Love is blind. There are no barriers for love. Anywhere anytime it can happen. so workplace is not an exdception. building feeelings for a co worker when you spend most of your time out of your home.

But this comes with a price . this will lead your focus away from your work. You both will tend to reach same level of idea without having to argue or put constructive criticism on the table specially you are on same team.

If you are in a managerial level and you partner in a executive or clerical level staff member there will be power imbalance in the factory, company or your work premises. So company hierarchy will be broken ad decision execution will have bad impacts.

But some situations like teaching mostly the balance is equal if you both are teachers. So many teacher couples tend to teach in same schools.

Some companies strictly follow up no life partners or couples not in same factory.

Otherwise some factories encourage couples for some level of jobs since company can benefit from having both at same factory like saving cost.

Before you join a company just have a casual look like regarding these factors too.

Most of the couple when they find life partners form same factory one will leave the factory for better for everyone.

Those are our inputs. Its your choice. Good luck .