• LinkedIn World largest professional network . you may be having accounts in other social medias. but LinkedIn works kind of different than other networks. here it is focused on building a professional network. it is not a merely fun thing. you will be posting your educational and professional achievements
  • You can connect , join, follow your like minded people in your professional radar. LinkedIn will also help you to find the right talent and be noticed . You will have professional learning courses inside LinkedIn .
  • A value adding network is build around LinkedIn. you should carefully crate your profile, professionally.
  • LinkedIn has their own premium version which will add values like who viewed your profile, which will help you to get an idea how you are being recognized in LinkedIn.
  • Spend some time on LinkedIn commenting, adding your ideas on your interested subjects, you will be get recognized by LinkedIn itself putting you into position like voice of LinkedIn.
  • You can use Mobile version and Desktop version for the LinkedIn.

PS :- LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft with over 300 $ million .

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