The concept for online / remote / WFH is this decades’ favorite subject thanks for the pandemic. The job roles that we thought we must go to the premises is not valid anymore.

Here are some ideas for doing online / remote / WFH jobs

  1. Graphic designer
  • If you have a creative skill and enjoy drawing here it is match for you. you may need to know the operation of adobe , illustrator, photoshop software to make your job easier . in the beginning you may not need high end performance base laptop, or a PC . you can still start form your phone. then with the pay and all you can upgrade your PC. there are thousands of tutorials in you tube where you can learn to become a graphic designer. No specific education qualification needed. just a creative eye.

2. Online tutor

  • Out there there are millions of kids who need tutoring assistance for their studies. if you are good in teaching and a relevant subject you can apply for online vacancies and you can make contents and upload in YT , fb . if they need further assistance they may contact you. make sure you have students friendly portfolio.

3. Data entry operator

  • This is a very common job many online remote workers do. companies outsource their data entry work to individuals . You can apply directly for a relevant company positions. You can check them on our article on Best Freelance websites

4. Software engineer

  • Now a days software engineer has become well paid well respected job in recent times. SE has a great opportunity to work remotely and get paid in better currency also. Many companies offer these chances so that they can avoid lot of work once hiring an employee.

5. call center executive / assistant / Tele sales Executive

  • Companies need your support to support their clients . So this is a great chance if you are willing to talk daily and offer solutions for them. You should be more patient since customers would asking about different types of issues and still you have to reply . On those occasions try to forward it into a manager who would be more qualified .

6. Project Manager

  • When companies have many remote employees they are tend to hire a project manager to get the work done. So if you are a good communicator and you can handle stress and deadline this the best opportunity for you. there might be different cultural backgrounds, language barriers, time zones. so you have act and arrange accordingly.

7. Voice artist

  • There are TV shows, DVD , You tube channel, gaming companies, advertisements, podcasts that may need a voice . Reach out to them . Make your portfolio. You can earn a good bug from the voicing.

8. Content writer

  • World need contents to be consumed. There are millions of websites who need great writers . If you have a great knowledge about researching and organizing content and make it attractive to read.

9. Drop shipping agent

  • You don’t need to own product of manufacturing plant. so can put a drop shipping store online and be a middle agent and let the rest do your work.

10. Web developer

  • Since world need much more online presence you can offer your support form home to make it happen. you may not need much knowledge about web designing you can start from WordPress development .


  • Podcasting is becoming a major booming business after Spotify entered the game and bought exclusive rights of major podcasts around the world. you can set up a studios in your apartment and other party can even join form zoom also. this would be beneficial so that you don’t need to prepare much and go with the flow.

12. Vlogger

  • In your home you can make daily contents preparing food, DIY, reaction and many more. you can start form your mobile camera.

13. Online seller

  • Unlike drop shipping you can create your own product and sell it online. find a better courier and they will do the rest. make ease at your home make it promote in social media through different channels.

Last updated :- 2024.05.01

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