Audit days:- Some may get goosebumps hearing the word since this is a scary process. management will be pushing you , deadline is so near, there are so much work to do , you have to balance daily sheets, you may encounter un-attended previous jobs.

But don’t worry. keep calm .You cannot do miracles dear. So do your regular tasks. But meanwhile focus on main priotised tasks that auditors will be considering. These auditing can happen not only in finance , but also in QA, Engineering ,Production and many more. Different auditors have different qualities that they are looking for.

Their attitudes may vary . try to give them good first impression . Always keep connected with your support staff since you may not know the all the answers they want. don’t try to get highlighted just focus in giving the right answer. Keep and get ready will all the relevant documents since they may ask various documents as per their requirement.

Most of these audits come for the best for you company and the community also. If you try to cheat the system consequences may be way bad.

These may goes for days so inform relevant authorities and departments about the process.