Our answer :- Maybe or Maybe not

This will depend. if you see the recent trend after 2021 Software booming has happened people try to enter the it industry for bigger better bucks. before sometime civil construction industry was blooming folks tend to move into civil constructions side. time to time decade to decade it changes. some will offer you extraordinary benefits but some will fail on spot even when you are looking at it.

If you are in a different field and want to move into completely unrested filed. you have to think more. study research and most importantly ask the question:

  1. why should i move into other field ?

i. Is that the salary hike i want?

ii. Is that the new excitement i want ?

ii. Is that because of my friend ?

iv. Is that because of parents / children / demographic?

v. Is that the mental peace i am looking ?

If you can argue and answer questions from bottom of your heart and come into a conclusion you may have taken best decision.

This can be scary but at the same time a rewarding courageous decision. But make sure you are leaving your past and create new adventures. you may not able to go back also. IT may never be the same. you can ask your senior opinion but don’t let them decide.