I hope everyone of you have finished your college A/L and might be wondering what’s next. No responsible , having fun with friends hoping everyone will stick with you all time, home provides money ,no stress of living. But suddenly just after college exam finished ; you notice that the utopia you are living is falling apart. what you expected ,what you dreamt is no longer happening. friend’s consistent calling fades away. some choose to fly away , some choose to go for higher studies, some starts joining companies, some starts vocational training, some starts things that no one ever imagined that they would do.

Alas how time flies. then you wonder on your own imagination , what i am even doing . what should i do next. good my friended you came right place. Here i would like to help you on the way.

First try to understand what phase you are in?

  • Family background :- understand your financial situation , can they afford you for higher education. are they in good understanding about your mental situation.
  • Your background :- are you a person introvert, extrovert or ambivert . By understanding you can choose what best career paths you will perform well .
  • Passion :- Think for a moment that you like something. that you are crawling to do something even it doesn’t pay you. you can do day and night even not getting mentally exhausted, without eating day and night. Then my fried congratulations you have found your eternal passion.
  • Alignment :- check weather you are aligned with your future goal. does your current studies help you to achieve future goal. suppose you have studied commerce subject but you feel what you want to do for your rest of the life is nursing; helping patients. Then you have to immediately fulfill the basic qualifications that you need to go through.
  • Mentorship :- Find potential people in your neighborhood, who has successful careers and who has messed up their life. Go talk with them have some chat with them , understand what worked for them and what not. Not every person will not tell everything . But you have to filter what they say and what they are not saying.

Career path :- Now if you have chosen to go for a career just after A/L then you need to understand you are entering the real real and real world. Now you are not experienced, not a financial stable person. a person to be trained for the position . in this stage choose place where you can get idea ABC about the process industry. and also think about the career ladder. Try to choose a better mentor who will help you to grow. work will be taught for sometime until you figure out and familiar with the process, don’t try to cheat the system. try to practice the correct path. you will understand and create your own efficient system. after working sometime save up some money and follow a part time profession l qualification. where ever you get a promotion you will need a education/ professional qualification .

Educational path :- If you choose to follow education path you need to understand for next 3 to 4 years you will be focusing on specific educational set or two (if you do a minor subject). You need to understand you have financial support, accommodation support. some courses make you ready for a specific industry or research side . Internship will make you understand your path is ready or not . You will be spending time with like minded people like you. you will get wonderful connections in the same industry. you will have so much fun exposing into different cultural events and even different opinion holders. you will understand how to tolerate others and deal with them. remember current educational system is built for doing a steady career path, like working 8-5, problem solving, working for a deadline {your assignments}

Business :- you may feel that you cannot do neither of above and need to start your own business. that’s not an issue also. you many not have experience in the industry but you may have certain qualification built for you. leadership, designing , orator. You may have some capital or you may be able partner with some one for funding. For finding you can always call for 3Fs; Fool, family or friends. you can start from your garage. Now a days it is easy to start a business with a laptop and a internet connection . so hurry up . don’t wait for the right time. make this time the right time.

PS :- you may have inherited wealth and need to heir the family business . even at least we would like to suggest you to choose one of each to follow. Whatever learnt doesn’t go waste.

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