Yes my friend. This is like eating curd with a knife. Your superior has somehow come to the place . So he is your guide in this moment. He / she may have talents or future value for the company. keep your respect at him/ him . He have some authorities that you may not have. Basically your job is at his hand. if he think that you are not performing well he may convey the message to the management. you are there to maintain your below rankings and reduce the headaches to him. the less problems you bring to him the more helpful you are to superior / company.

Always be at the attitude get the sh*t done. if he / she assign a task make sure you do it with minimum supervision. Those people are easy to get promoted . when he leave the company you may be his top suggestion for your replacement. Try to work with him not to compete with him. Abstract their best qualities.

You may have parties, functions outside the working preemies, There you will have fun , dance and enjoy. you will feel he is like us. He is one of us. Sorry to interrupt your utopia . But still tomorrow he is your boss. Ready to digest the truth.

If you did a work make sure others know it .if not how will others know what you did. that doesn’t mean you brag at every time. right place right times let them know the takes you did , engaged in. try to observe his qualities . develop your managerial skills . people will have knowledge , technical skills but soft skills are important to climb the career ladder.

better you have a understanding of how company promotions work. some give to seniority, some give based on performance, some fill the positions from current employees, some doesn’t give outside of the family/circle.

Apart from that please be noted you are not bound to be oppressed, suppressed, abused and get blame for all his/her work. speak up my friend show your dignity. fight for your right and self respect. Labor law is not something to take lightly . its always on your side when these cases happen.

Last updated :- 2024.04.08

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