When you join a new you have to note down many things

  1. Follow up your JD

In your previous company you may have done a lot as a your JD . but in your new company you may not need to do so much of work since there might be different departments for specific tasks

2. Find the seniors of the company and keep a good relationship

they are the people who knows nuts and bolts of the company. they have been in the company for so long that they have survived the political game of the company. if you wanna stay in the they are the people you will be getting mentorship from.

3. Document submissions

Your previous person may had to submit certain documents for the management levels for that they may had to fill QA department guidelines.

4. Salary + holidays +Working hours +benefits

As an example some companies arrange accommodation only if you ask. So don’t be late or shy to ask.

5.Previous projects , AMCs

Look for the assistant for finding previous project details whether they have been finished or not. if anything to be completed just be ready. sometime there may be annual maintenance contracts which you have to attend.

6. Possible upgrades for current system

This may help you to make the existing system more effective. Sometimes there may have been discussions regarding the upgrades and all.

Last updated :- 2024.04.13

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