1. Micromanagement isn’t a sign of dedication. It’s a warning sign.

Micromanagement at work is a management style characterized by excessive control, close supervision, and a focus on minute details. This will affect culture as well as the efficiency. It can manifest in various ways, such as constant oversight, detailed task instructions, and a lack of autonomy for employees.

2. Top talent won’t stay if their growth isn’t your priority.

Again this is a major concern if you can’t retain the best talent for you. they always take risks, they want to do experiments.

3. You don’t have a remote work issue. You have trust issues.

If you can’t let them work for you at their comfortable zone you are judging them wrong. you are not trusting them do grow. if you are fingering their every action they would loose trust they put in you. So hep you by helping them to work from their comfortable zones.

4. When your best people leave, it’s not them but ….

When your best people leave be careful , something is wrong . Maybe it’s you. no matter how hard you think you are doing that may be not the way.

5. Management that can’t handle feedback won’t survive the change.

Take the employee feedback. that’s a best part to grow for you and the company. They know the bits and truth that you are not seeing. so listen to their feedback. Don’t take them personally. Accept them as Constructive criticism. remember the rule praise in public blame in person.

6. Leading by fear creates teams that underperform.

If you can’t manage people with handling them with compassion and empathy it will lead to grow their insecurity. They will finish work with the fear but not efficiently.

7. If your actions don’t align with your values, your employees won’t trust you.

Make sure what you say is highlighted in your actions. they will follow you as a leader only when they both align.

8. A toxic culture will tarnish your brand, no matter how good your products are.

If you make a toxic culture inside this will lead to inefficient practices. even though your products are the finest it will fail in the market no one would take responsibility.

9.Your diversity program is hollow if your leadership team all look the same.

Multi cultural, Multi nationals, diversity programs won’t wok if you don’t let others be themselves and contribute in their own way. that’s where new ideas begin, new methods are found, where they will figure out their capabilities too.

10. Your customer experience will never exceed your employee experience.

If you can make happy your family how can you make others happy ? how they can fake their happiness to others. so first consider you own families’ well being. They will take care of the customer.

11.Underpaying your people doesn’t make you cost-effective. It makes you short-sighted.

Many companies think underpaying will save cost but eventually it will lead them to build anger , frustration regarding the company also. In short term you will think you are saving money but long term you will have to spend money to do new recruitments, training and all. Even the productivity will be low.

12 If you don’t pay your people what they’re worth, someone else will.

World is full opportunities. every company is seeking best and right talent to fill their positions. but if they notice your hard working smart people not sure they will spare them under your wing. so make yo take care of them.

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