Interview can be scary thing to even think about if you have less experience with facing interviews. if you got shortlisted and got a call for an interview then in paper wise you are good fit for the company. so relax you are about to face some’

*In the interview be calm. open the door and close it properly. greet them with a smile. go near their seat . Wait for their command for a sit. After you sit on the chair put your certificate file in the table and keep your smile , calm face. keep the eye contact direct with them. they will proceed with the interview process that they have on mind. don’t lie. keep true to your self. they have interviews thousands of thousand of people . with a simple gesture change they can identify your truth fullness. don’t say no directly to question they ask add some of your thoughts and politely say so far I’m not aware/ haven’t cover the topic but i will learn fast effectively. companies don’t need people who know everything but who can handle situation and offer solution .

They may ask things from your certificates. so be thoroughly prepare what you have done previously.

Don’t make your explanation boring for them. Aways make sure they are engaged with you, use your knowledge, experience and voice balance .

if they ask ” do you have any questions ? ” make sure to ask something interesting about the company / industry, and don’t forget to thanks them and leave premises without disturbance.

if your lips, mouth get dried up while talking keep a water bottle in a side. you can sip if you feel uncomfortable.

Last updated : 2024.04.16

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