The simple answer is sometimes.

But the long answer : – You have to do some research about you so called. there are bosses and leaders. These two are very different each ones purpose is different. ( Leader vs Boss). If you want to be mentored make sure you have a leader. if not find someone .

Purpose of having a mentor is having guide for your career/ life. he should be able to understand your current mindset , goals and guide yourself into the winning goal. he may have crossed the path or should be able to jump into other shoes and understand the situation. learn form his mistakes or learn from others mistakes.

He should be able to learn fast and interested in other subjects also. there by he have multiple experience and visions regarding other perspectives.

He should be patient enough to endure your mistakes and correct them and lead you push you into the correct path.

He should be able to give you honest feedback in a constructive way rather thana blaming or cornering you. he should have guts to cover you when its time rather than putting you under the bus. he should be willing to help you to try new things and do research and find your better ways.

Note :- Here for article purpose we are referring as he/him. But it can be she/her/they/them or any gender whom you would like t be mentored by .

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