If you have enough knowledge and experience regarding particular subject and if a company require your knowledge and expertise to be bought then you have a chance.

Now a days , companies hire you as a consultant if you have good oral ability and good marks in college even you don’t have experience.

Consultant get paid for mostly per visit, per project . you decide your value . even after retiring your current occupation you can opt to choose to be a consultant.

There are no particular area . In every field there is opportunities until someone is willing to pay you for the time and experience.

So young lads master your knowledge , sharpen it . Be the icon of your field. There will be no limits.

In theory, if you are a consultant, you will only be responsible for the recommendations and consultative decisions you make in the company whereas as an employee, your responsibilities could be far greater and you will be held more accountable by the company. That’s why the employees are given more privileges and decision making authority in a company as opposed to a consultant who is usually hired on a project/temporary basis.

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