1. To solve an issue quickly, be soft on the person and hard on the problem.

This way you can clearly focus on the problem rather than people. if you start complain and dragging people into the problem you wont be able solve it. so first the problem than the people.

2. Pretend everyone was sent to teach you something.

Every has their own learning . They come from different backgrounds . Your way of learning is different form them . The way they grab the concept might be different form you. So take as a blessing and be humble . Learn from them.

3. Pause in speaking eye contact confidence.

Keep your eye contact . eyes says a lot. that’s a method of indirect authority. use it wisely.

4. Make people feel important with the SHR method (Seen, Heard, Remembered)

Try to remember their work. You should let them know their actions are noticed. Whatever they do is should not be unnoticed. Then they will get motivated to do more.

5. A person’s favorite sound is their name, so remember it (h/t Dale Carnegie)

As dale Carnegie once mentioned people’s favorite thing to hear is their name. so you know how to make them happy right ?

6. “Praise publicly. Criticize privately.” Warren Buffett

This is a golden rule. Never cross the limit. This way you can maintain the employee growth and happiness together.

7. To give feedback, first make sure the other person knows you’ve about them.

Before speaking find the As and Bs. You will know what to say. if you blame or complain about something you didn’t say that will loose their respect in you.

8. The best networking strategy is helping others first strategy.

You wanna network with others! No need to spend thousands of dollars in finding networking events. Ask your surrounding circle what they want. What their capabilities are, help them to discover their best talent. Great now you have a network on people of who are qualified in their own sectors. meanwhile you will also figure out the ways that you haven’t even looked at also.

9. Loneliness is a silent pandemic; assume people want to meet you.

Don’t let them to struggle with the issues by their won. ask them, join with them and offer your thoughts and knowledge in experience .

10. Practice going first, eg, “Hi, I’m Jhon”

Don’t wait for them . Start from you. Be the first to greet them. they will start talking.

11. Build the habit of responding with “Yes, and” because it advances their idea.

That means you have already started the conversation. By doing that you are breaking the barrier . The flow will continue.

12. Avoid complaining or gossiping (Nobody likes to hear it.)

Nobody likes a complaining person. if you can get the work done stop complaining.

13. Storytelling is a superpower, use a structure like setup, tension, & resolution.

This is a master class you need to improve . have you ever being in s situation when someone explains very simple situation with a beautiful story, and you never let your eyes, ears took away form it. yeah that is my friend the talent of storytelling. No one is born with it. It’s purely based on practice.

14. “The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life”-E. Perel

This is a hard truth. If you always complain you don’t have friends , bigger circle this may be you reason. No one likes a stinky person. No one likes a person who is in anger, frown. take a moment back and rethink. Look at the mirror . Work on yourself.

15. To discover blind spots, build an inner circle that will give you honest feedback.

This is a great way to build together. Be better together. So that you won’t be over excited with fake feedback . You wont be mis guided.

16. Normalize “I don’t know anything about that” as a successful answer.

If you say you know it and then you cannot finish it. What will happen my friend ? You will loose integrity. If yo don’t know say you don’t know. But tell that you will figure out. Others will build confidence in you .

17. Record and study your speaking like an athlete watching game film.

Great orators run the world. Be in control with your voice.

18. “Great leaders create more leaders, not followers ” , Rey T. Bennet

If you cannot leave a company giving your responsibilities to your Junior , that means you haven’t contribute enough building a second layer. basically you have neglected creating leaders.

Last Updated :- 2024.04.25

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