Deciding salary for you is very critical. Many aspects have to be considered.

You can do a simple google search for the position you are applying . Ask your colleges who work in the same category. Try to understand the work the company is doing . Are they supplying for local or foreign clients? Do they have such a budget? Ask in the interview what is the budget you have for this position?

Check the surrounding expenses accommodation , Food around the company . It varies from rural to urban areas. Remember You don’t need to get money form home and do the job. You are there to feed yourself and your loved ones. From your salary they have to deduct EPF and ETF . So mindful about that. Some times even after salary negotiation they may ask for another negotiations also.

If you have more experience in the industry don’t undervalue in desperation for finding a job. In recession times companies take advantage of experienced professional who lost their jobs into lower salary. Beware of them because its legacy you have built over time you don’t need to go in vain. If your region cant afford you move on my friend.

Check weather its brain intensive , physical intensive work . If your work is on more field work there will always be extra expenses. Make sure you don’t take the risk on you.

There will be always hidden cuts from HR . So ask if they have any salary cuts. (some companies tend to cut salary for not trimming, 1 minute late and half day salary cut)

Companies may have a budget for the position but you are asking a salary for your value. so be specific of your capabilities. Makes a SWOT analysis to understand yourself better.

Tip :- In the interview some candidates tell i can do this and that. I’m good and expert in this subject. i can offer this and that value. i want this package. seems arrogant type but if he can full the requirement of the JD. Why not consider him? how sweet is it no.

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