Yeah you have to come to the right place . Don’t worry my friend we got you .

If you got a call for a job interview wallah you are lucky and one step closer to the Career. They may have received hundreds of hundreds may be thousand CVs but you got shortlisted. That means yo have something for the job . They want to talk with you . They want to find if you are suitable in person . So kick your fear away right now.

Now lets get ready for the interview. Remember not all companies are same. They have their own process in doing interviews. So anything can happen. So that’s why you need to prepare thoroughly but understand basics.

  • First you need to read your JD in depth to understand your role.
  • Prepare your CV to avoid mistakes . if you can bring the same CV you sent it will be more reliable.
  • Groom properly. You are mostly going to meet completely new strangers so you need to give them proper first impression.
  • Find the best routine to reach the site and arrange the transport accordingly.
  • Take rest before night because you don’t need to look in red eyes.
  • Check your mails if there is any chance that interviews are cancelled or not.
  • Visit the company social media and website for researching further details.
  • Prepare your clothes; better make it formal because you don’t know whose gonna be there to face you.
  • Arrange your educational and professional certificates, service letters, qualifications before hand and make them in order; priority wise.
  • Sometimes companies don’t allow phones into the company premises so better be prepared for that.
  • Arrange some water bottle it may cool down your nerves.
  • Some companies tend to finish their interviews on same day . So it may get late. Check whether you have transport method to return or available locations for night stay.
  • Prepare your introduction well since its the opening life for all traditional interviews. That’s the point which decide your next step.
  • Leave early and reach early. Companies value your early presence. so lower your excuses.( It can be a rainy day, lack of access)

When you get seasoned with interviews and all ; this is nothing . But as a beginner if you can prepare these teeny tiny basics you can aim the bigger goal.

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