You have come to a critical point to in your career path. Giving resignation is not an easy task. You have made up your mind to forget , leave the environment, people you know , the culture you get used to the income source you had for long term and much more.

Before giving the resignation you have to make sure you are safe in the other side. For whatever reason you choose to quit. Before resignation make a list of materials that company has given you.

  • Keys ( Vehicle , Cupboard, Doors, )
  • Vehicle
  • Uniform safety equipment
  • Files (Hard and Soft)
  • Materials (Phone , Sim, Laptop, Bags)
  • Documents
  • Information , Client data transferring

Make sure you get clear idea regarding the exit process of the company form the HR department . otherwise even after leaving you will have to come again and again for signature and stuff. Companies have different policies about exist policy from 1 month (clerical staff) to 6 month (CEO) notice period is given according to seniority.

Draft a letter saying why you are leaving and make it reasonable and make sure your superior accept your resignation. Company need to hire, promote or train someone for your tasks . it may take sometime . So help them to ease on bored process also.

Your final month payment may be freeze until they receive all the materials from you and as a compensation if you have done damages. So please make sure you have enough funds for your last months. If possible Arrange a positive service letter draft with the management or try to add what you done in the service letter. Inform the finance department beforehand to speed up payment process.

Don’t wait till the end day to say bye bye to your fellow mates because you will be busy with final process and shifting at the end.

PS :- Don’t leave your personal mails , WhatsApp web , Social media (if you have used in the company phone , laptop) in the company database.

Last updated :- 2024.04.07

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