This is a topic that we really not looking to do or hear . But at one point we have to face the truth there may be many scenarios to quit the job .

  1. More salary :- sometimes a different a company will offer you way more salary package than you get . we are working basically for salary. if you cannot convince the current company and match the offer you get it is safe to move on . you need to be paid fairly . if the calling comes there is nothing wrong with answering
  2. Toxic work culture :- we wont meet people who are always supportive. companies hire people for different purposes , tasks from different background. you may be demeaning yourself and trying hard to hide your happiness to please others is so wrong. if you cant work in peace and your managers will not accept and its better to find different place.
  3. Migration :- living in your own country/ comfort zone and you may not have enough opportunities for growth. Out there many opportunities are available using 10x better than technology you are using right now. The place you stay wont help you to grown. countries situation will not be suitable for you, family and children . this world is a better and beautiful its better to explore.
  4. Promotion :- this is one of the ,major reason compared to other reasons people choose to quit their current job and move on. If you stay for a company for a long term management offer you promotions based on the time spent you, basically seniority. this will also lead you for salary hike also. it will take sometime to adjust with new work culture and understand people in the new company .
  5. Commitments :- sometime you may have to take maternity leaves and you enjoy spending time with family you need to continue the freedom. you may take the decision . and there are such incident a family member is bed ridden and you cant continue with peace mind. if you ever had to take such a decision you can work for a remote / work form home / online company.
  6. Higher studies :- there will be situations that you need a promotion but all the points collected that paper qualification becomes a barrier. that moment you will have to decide that weather you need to learn more form a institute. some companies allows paid higher studies. then with a signed contract you can be an employer and student at the same time. if you find such a company bless you.
  7. Sickness :- this is something that we wish not to happen . but if you get a non curable disease company may take a decision. make sure you start saving money at the beginning of the job starting. enough sufficient funds for sustain at least 3 months.
  8. Find peace :- There will a phase that you don’t need that much responsibility even for the paycheck you receive. some steps down for lesser payment lesser workload for mental peace mostly in the it jobs.
  9. Retiring:- Yes. time is over ? you spent in the industry close to 60 / 65 years age and now your body cant afford and compete with new talents its better to give them opportunity move on. Many companies choose to make the employees retired when it 60. only if you are non replaced person they may extend your contract. you may have the longest and experienced. you can join some other organization for consultation . Companies out there may in need your expertise of the industry.
  10. Freelance :- 8-5 ,9-6 bored with fixed routine. if you feel that you can work in your own free time this is best chance for you. but be aware its your freedom, there is no ne to monitor, guide. you are your own boss. Last Decision is yours.
  11. Entrepreneurship :- you may need to do your own business. Basically organized freelance is entrepreneurship. if you can take all the stress and guide people and offer them a considerable salary providing a product or service then its your call.

PS:- Make sure you find a new opportunity, test and validate your idea before giving your resignation . make sure your lifestyles ; you gonna choose can be maintained or adjusted, after quitting.

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