Simple answer ; it depends. For this decision there are lot facts that needed to be considered. It depends on your financial stability, partner’s willingness, children, society.

  1. Financial stability :- This is a major reason we do a job. as a family you have to check whether one partner’s career can afford the bills of the family and have extra saving too. If not then there is a concern of both of them engaging in money making way. Pressure has to be divided with partners .
  2. Children :- Some companies have flexible benefits for maternity leave for both parents. but you have to decide how long you gonna stay with your children . Some offer full pay for first 3 month, half pay next 3 month and no pay leave until 6 months. This varies with company and government regions and negotiations and how valuable are you to the company .
  3. Willingness :- Some partners would love to stay at home and feed and support family while other partner provide the financial support. Some want to earn their own money and self support . Enjoy working in certain environment.
  4. Ethics:- sometimes you find your love of your love form the same company. its is considered bias while taking decisions and hierarchy decision. sometime you can be the DGM and wife can be a receptionist, there will be a hierarchy decision disparity, which will disrupt the company culture.
  5. Future plan :- You both may have decided you both will work till certain age , save money and then travel the world. this is one of the latest trends rather than a child they will adopt a dog . Couple work for sometime and start exploring the the world together. They Will choose a gypsy life.

Last updated :- 2024.04.07

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