This is a task for jobseekers have to read carefully. though there are no specific formats for job advertisement companies choose different approaches to advertise their vacancies.

What is JD ?

As simply as that it is Job Description. This what the employee has to do in their roll of the company asking . this is very tricky one some companies show it as 8-5 job but it will require OT work daily.

eg:- Some companies look for a driving license. Do try to clarify the location and travel percentage you have to engage in the company in the interview.

Types of ADs ?

  1. some companies tend to post the vacancy with title and mention only the career page. intention is people who are really make effort to come int their website and fill the job details .
  2. .Some post them in the company inside itself. Some post in papers. Some do the internal recruitments (internal references). some outsources to recruitment agencies. some send the job vacancy posting websites like us ;
  3. Some companies mention additional info ; send two non related references, passport size phots, cover letter, mention the position you are applying.
  4. Some companies put an advisement and then within one week they will call for a walk in interview advertisement.
  5. Some companies are not interested in showcasing their company name and publish through a third party withholding their name.

Reading a JD you can understand what kind of job you are applying for. Even before the interview. there will be hints like tough , easy, moving , office job.

PS:- Some of the companies keep the same templates and use that for every job vacancy . So you have to be careful while checking ; you may miss the vacancy thinking that you have applied previously .

Last updated :- 2024.4.07

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