If you have ever faced interviews , yo may have noticed there are multiple rounds of interviews.

  • Job application testing
  • technical testing
  • behavioural round
  • HR round
  • final panel interview

Most companies try to choose few of the rounds mentioned above. Those steps plays a huge role in shortlisting and hiring the right candidate for the position.

1. Job application testing

from this round its is basically filtering potential candidates who are similar to the job description if not JD. HR receive hundreds probably 1000s of CVs per job advertisement. out of them not all are qualified enough. some are applying even not reading the JD. so not to waste time and all HR filter potential candidates by manually if using ATS. Even when you are shortlisted and called for an interview few different parties cross verify CV.

2. Technical round

This is majorly for testing your knowledge. confirming you didn’t lie about the Cv. some companies add a paper for this. these rounds can go up to 8 rounds, depending on the company. some go for one round. but some wants to go deeper and deeper and filter much more and find the right candidate.

3. Behavioral round

Attitude is everything. Company wants to check whether you are a fit for the company and you are match for working with the team. then they will try different methods common method is asking situation based questions to how you react to those environments.

4. HR round

This is where your salary , job agreement, facilities, benefits, contract agreements are discussed. Your negotiations happens here. This is where you need to outsmart the company. They will try to cut off benefits , salaries and all. Their task is to save money for the company. so be thoughtful .

5. Final round

Some do this round with top management after HR confirmation. There you will have friendly introduction and chat with management. This happens mostly for executive level position recruitments.

Last updated:- 2024.04.07

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