Mmmm. This a grey area you have to think on. Simply it is not. Sad truth is for many companies you are just a number. The vibe you have with your co partners will not be the same after one month you quit the job. They are so called 8-5 family generally. Even though you need to give 2 month resignation letter they can fire in just a second. Even after you give the resignation they can fire you at that moment.

Even when you move into another company , HR will call back the previous company and check your status. Outcome depends on the relationship you built with the company. Mutual understanding you have when you leave.

Its always better to finish and clean the relations and responsibilities before you leave. People may turned back to you even if you had good relations with the workplace.

But it is ethical that you don’t gossip about previous members , colleges .

Always try to be honest with your work . Don’t gossip about managers there will be ones who will back stab you. Don’t try to make quarrels with members since you both are working for a paycheck and you are just a number for the company. Somewhere in the future you both may meet positioned reverted , as a client, policy maker or as a senior.

Always keep low on misunderstandings. Be bold and offer only constructive criticism.

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